Labacorp Enery Limited was founded in 2019 by Mr. Bako Ambianda, an International Development Expert, Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, Philanthropist, and Global African Entrepreneur.

Mr. Bako is well known for launching development platforms. He was actively involved in contributing to advance the growth of solar in Texas through platforms that he created.  In 2016, he founded Solar Business Events, a portfolio of leading solar exhibitions and conferences including Solar Business Festival (SBF), Solar Business Expo (SBE), Solar Pioneer Awards Ceremony, Women in Solar Forum, Solar Shark Tank, Solar Career Fair, International Solar Forum, and Energy Storage Forum.

Through his various solar initiatives in Texas, the platforms were able to facilitate mega solar projects, increase solar jobs and solar businesses, increase economic impact, help solar businesses to expand into new markets, increase insight into the major challenges and key opportunities for doing solar and storage business.

In 2016, the Solar Business Festival (SBF) was the largest solar trade show ever held in the state of Texas and was endorsed by Governor Gregg Arbor, Mayor Steve Alder, and Congressman Lloyd Doggett.

Solar Business Expo (SBE) is a leading international Business-to-Business (B2B) exhibition series that brings together manufacturers, distributors, installers, finance providers, service providers, facility managers, and project developers. It provides a unique business platform for connecting, creating linkages, networking, marketing, and doing business in the solar and storage industries. Solar Business Expo has run successful series in Texas, Chile, Florida, Mexico, Washington D.C, and Costa Rica, and hosted some notable solar companies.

In 2017, he launched the Solar Career Fair, designed to recruit local prospective trainees among others.

In 2017, he launched Women in Solar Forum, designed to facilitate and propel discussions to create an action plan for driving more opportunities for female engineers and professionals in the solar industry.  

In 2017, he also founded Solar Pioneer Awards Ceremony to recognize the movers and game changers in the global solar industry.

In the same 2017 and 2018, Panasonic North America was the presenting Sponsor.

In 2018, he founded Labacorp Power Company (LPC), an independent power producer and renewable energy development company that specializes in the facilitation, development, and operating of sustainable power generation projects worldwide with a growing portfolio of projects.

In 2019, Mr. Bako began a new journey to contribute to the solar industry in Africa starting with his home country, Cameroon. Hence, he travelled to Cameroon and set up a new entity Labacorp Energy Limited, headquartered in Douala, Cameroon with interests to advance the solar energy industry primarily in Cameroon, Ghana, and Nigeria.