Labacorp Solar Academy (LSA) is a professional solar training institution that provides online and on-site solar training courses and certification. Through our programs, we help create more demand for solar energy, increase solar jobs, train and mentor solar entrepreneurs, improve workforce productivity and groom more solar skilled workers, technicians, and engineers.

We have a network of professional licensed solar instructors from the U.S, Canada, U.K., Germany, Turkey, India, Singapore, and France. LSA is equipped with interactive training simulation tools for perspective solar installers, perspective trainers, solar employees, and solar entrepreneurs, among others. The goal of LSA is to sustain the academy and expand it across emerging and frontier solar markets.


We strive to support the objectives for the growth of the solar power sector, as our solar trainings add dramatically to the growing trend of solar energy, create jobs, build entrepreneurs, and boost local economies and improve education Solar power is now economically viable across most countries around the world, thanks to several factors, notably falling cost of solar panels, rising cost of fuels used in conventional power generation, and excellent fit to demand patterns.

Our Mission

LSA was created to support the growing need of a sustainable source of power in emerging and frontier markets.