Labacorp Energy Limited (LEL) is an indigenous Cameroonian energy company that provide specialized and innovative solar energy solutions and services. With our expert international knowledge, local experience, and partners, we offer an effective top-notch business solutions and services with an impressive track record of solving energy problems.

We provide solar energy solutions for communities, residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We also integrate urban and rural properties with solar-powered products for a cleaner electricity source, energy efficiency, and energy savings. There is a significant need for reliable energy in Cameroon, and our mission is to solve the power cries in Cameroon.

Solar is a smart energy decision for homes and businesses:
Dependable – You can depend on solar for the complete satisfaction of access to electricity.
Considerate – Available means to harness solar power as this is an environment-friendly way
Affordable – Products at affordable cost, and faster to deploy
Savings – Save money on your electricity bills as you will be using solar as your energy source.
Advanced way of having a source of energy

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Through our dedicated staff/partners and intense market focus, we aim to develop and build some of the largest, innovative, and most productive solar power plants yet seen in Cameroon.

Committed to Clean Energy 4 All

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission Statement

To solve the energy problems in Cameroon both in urban and rural areas with constant access to energy which will support economic development and social progress in Cameroon.

To revolutionize the solar energy industry in Cameroon. We envision Labacorp Energy to be the leading solar energy company in Cameroon providing access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy for All. In addition, Labacorp Energy will provide top-notch solar training programs, and innovative solar products with the goal of enhancing the solar infrastructure in Cameroon.