❖ Solar refrigeration and solar freezer
❖ Solar water heaters
❖ Solar fans
❖ Solar cooking stove
❖ Solar microwave
❖ Solar Tv
❖ Solar mixer / grinder
❖ Solar + storage systems
❖ Solar lantern
❖ Solar powered AC – stand alone and hybrid
❖ Solar panels – (solar roof top installation)
❖ Solar powered rubbish-compacting bin
❖ Solar powered streetlights
❖ Solar powered washing machines and dyers
❖ Solar powered security lights
❖ Solar motion wall lights
❖ Solar powered sewing machine
❖ Solar powered mobile billboards
❖ Solar powered portable kits for car jumpers, use of small inverter for laptop and lights
❖ Solar inverters – off grid, hybrid, grid tie
❖ Solar powered home cameras – easy to monitor with GPS
❖ Solar powered home lighting kit – consists of two LED lamps, one LED Tube, mobile charging and Fan
❖ Solar kit accessories
❖ Energy storage (batteries) – VRLA, GEL, OPZS, OPZV, Lithium, Saltwater batteries, Nickel cadmium batteries

We offer solar energy as an alternative, backup, or main source of electricity for urban and rural properties.