Smart homes

  • Solar Bus Stop
  • Solar Trash Cans
  • Smart Solar Bench
  • Smart Control
  • Smart Metering

Labacorp has partnered with SEEDIA (Poland-based), to provides innovative smart city products including solar bus stop, solar trash cans, and smart solar bench.

We have a line-up of Smart City Solutions
  • Solar Trash Cans
  • Smart Solar Bench
  • Scoter (Tracking)
  • Safety Electric Pole Machines
  • Onsite Dental (Mobile Truck)
  • Mobile Laundry (Truck) Concept
  • Mobile Solar Charging Station
  • WiFi Kiosks
  • Powerback Kiosks
  • Smart Umbrella
  • Parking Sense – Guidance
  • E-powered Bicycle Trailers
  • Self-Washing Machine and Dryer Stations