At Labacorp Solar Academy, we offer three main solar training programs as follows:

Basic Solar Training

Our Basic Solar Training Program is designed for anyone wanting to understand the solar energy industry. It is the first step toward increasing your green literacy in the basics of solar energy. The program covers Solar Fundamentals, PV Design & Installation, Energy Efficiency, Solar Markets and Applications, System Design, System Components, Construction Safety and Solar Tools.

Advanced Solar Training

Our Advanced Solar Training Program provides the most relevant solar energy industry education offered both in person and online fashion. The advance courses have been written by licensed industry professionals and offered by our solar instructors with the most relevant, modern, and updated solar energy vocational training material on the market today.


Solar Entrepreneurship Training

Our Solar Entrepreneurship Training Program is designed to train aspiring solar entrepreneurs to create solutions that will solve energy problems and meet local energy needs. The program is geared towards connecting people interested in solar entrepreneurship with the training they need to enter the industry and grow sustainable solar businesses.
There is an increase in the demand of solar energy for electricity and solar business is a profitable source of income. It is therefore paramount to prepare entrepreneurs to meet this rising solar energy need.  Students will acquire knowledge on solar entrepreneurship from 20 collective years of experience to guide them in the solar energy industry.

Growth Support Plan

Our Growth Support Plan is an after-support program for LSA graduates to assist them establish as a solar entrepreneur, with a continuing education opportunity. Through the GSP, the graduates receive constant support, networking, knowledge sharing, and opportunities for grants, fellowships, and advise from professionals to help them start and grow their solar businesses.
Labacorp Solar Academy (LSA) specializes in Online & On-Site Solar Training (Courses and Certification), Solar Field Trips, Mobile Solar Lab, and On-Demand Solar Education.

Online Courses

Our online training provides the same quality content from the same expert trainer as you would get in our classroom courses. The courses are taught using an interactive format that comprises presentations followed by short practical case studies and hands on exercises to reinforce the topics covered. Students numbers are capped to guarantee quality time with the trainer and student participate in class discussions and break out rooms and will interact as if there were in one room. Our trainers are always available, allowing students to ask questions and give feedback.

On-Site Courses

Our on-site training provides hands on PV technology, PV design, and PV installation experience. The on-site courses are purely practical approach and focuses on design, installation, and maintenance.

Solar Field Trips

We host a series of solar field trips to solar factories and innovative solar buildings. The solar field trips provide a unique experience that leaves a lasting impression to all who participate. Fieldtrips typically start with a tour and are followed by optional activities listed.

Mobile Solar Lab

Our mobile solar Labs are innovative shipping containers that have been transformed to mobile solar showroom and on-site training allow people to engage with Labacorp Solar Academy programs in different locations across specific cities.


Electrify Africa Live

Our Electrify Africa Live is an online solar podcast on YouTube, Instagram Live, among other livestream platforms geared towards providing access on-demand solar education.